Heartbleed: how are you affected

This article was originally published on the Dolphin Worxs parent company site at http://www.dolphinworxs.com/blog/2014/04/14/heartbleed-are-you-affected/ in April 2014.

On April 7th 2014 , the news broke about a flaw in a technology called OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a widely used open source technology which underlies much of the security on the internet.

HeartBleed ; the key info for DolphinWorxs Clients
HeartBleed ; the key info for DolphinWorxs Clients

What happened at Dolphin HQ this week?

Your site is hosted on Amazon Web Services, when we became aware of Heartbleed this week, we immediately began work on identifying if there were any gaps in our security and if AWS (Amazon Web Services) was affected by Heartbleed. Amazon have provided patches to the services that are affected, and subsequent to these patches being installed, we have fully replaced all digital security certificates and recommend that if you have not changed your password since Sunday April 13th, that you do so as soon as possible.

You can find out how to change your password at this article on our help manual

So, tell me in English why I need to change my password?
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